Identity Theft Prevention – Thieves Don’t Slow Down During the Summer

Derieck Hodges |

Your phone rings and you look down and don’t recognize the number.   What do you do?   More and more, people are ignoring calls that don’t pop-up in their address book.   That’s probably a good idea.   However, you often are left with a voicemail message alerting you to an impending Federal indictment because of IRS or Social Security problems.   Yikes!


Tom Cruise is the star of the Mission Impossible series of movies.   In the movie, he was known to wear incredible masks that made him appear to be someone else.   The Mission Impossible team even had the technology to impersonate voices of other people so it was nearly impossible to know if you were talking to the real person or an impostor.   That is what identity thieves are doing today with phishing emails and phone calls. 


Don’t be fooled by these attempts to manipulate you into giving valuable personal information to posers.   The Internal Revenue Service does NOT leave messages by phone threatening legal action.   They still use the good ole’ US Postal Service to deliver bad news to you.  


Attempts to obtain your valuable information are more advanced than ever.  Identity thieves are looking more real than ever before.   Let us know if you have any concerns about emails, letters or phone calls that fall into these categories.   We will try to help you sort out the good guys from the impostors.  


Go enjoy the rest of your summer!