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VIDEO: Get To Know Anchor Pointe Wealth Managers

VIDEO: Get To Know Anchor Pointe Wealth Managers

October 17, 2022

With some of the recent additions and improvements to the company, we wanted an opportunity for clients and friends to get to know our wealth managers Derieck and Sam a little bit better!

Learn more about their background, what makes them tick, the experience and knowledge they bring to their clients, and why they're excited to build lasting relationships in the industry.  


Want To Skip Ahead?

Here's a quick peek at what's discussed! Click on the timestamp to go right to that part of the video. 

0:00 Derieck's parents' business and how it got him started in the industry
1:40 Advice from Derieck
2:53 Why Derieck's excited about Sam joining the team and more about Sam's background
4:36 Learn about Derieck's routine and what's important to him
6:41 The importance of giving back
8:12 Sam's perspective on mentoring and values
10:13 Lessons from previous financial experience
11:22 What they're excited about in serving clients at Anchor Pointe
13:39 A philanthropic cause Sam is very passionate about
15:13 A cause Derieck is excited about
16:44 What does the future hold? 

Learn more about our wealth managers and the whole team on the About Us page