Schedule an Initial – We aren’t “right” for everyone but we could be perfect for you. Let’s jump on a 30-minute phone call so we can learn what you are trying to accomplish and see if our services are a fit. If so, our 90-Day Success Plan is the start of your journey to financial success!

90-Day Success Plan – A comprehensive plan is the blueprint for your financial life. In the 90-Day Success Plan we will create a comprehensive plan to accomplish all of your financial goals, provide a detail action plan with all the essential financial steps needed to get on-track to accomplishing your goals, and an Anchor Pointe Estate Binder, this is the “life boat drill” for your financial life if something bad happens.   You get three face-to-face or virtual meetings with Derieck during this process.  Cost is $2,000.

On-Going Help – After the 90-Day Success Plan, we will discuss whether you need on-going help.  If so, a mutually-agreed upon scope of service and cost will be created.  Cost is to be determined based upon scope of work needed.